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The CBSCA brings together Industry Leaders to promote the digitization and development of data standards between members in the global supply chain community through blockchain and other technologies

As a member of CBSCA you will have access to information on the latest trends and practices and will be able to share information with peers. You will benefit from the educational programs which supports certification and degree programs, short courses, seminars and workshops, in partnership with educational institutes. 

Membership gives you access to online webinars and conferences held in cities across Canada throughout the year, and provides the opportunity to be a  part of a network of Supply Chain professionals.

As a community we will advocate together.  We will learn from each other and promote blockchain within the supply chain and with governing bodies around us. 

Join CBSCA to take advantage of valuable features and programs that are tailored and targeted to support your success and that will benefit your company.

Service-oriented and member-driven, the CBSCA currently provides:
  • A forum for industry cooperation, networking and business development.

  • Education and training in blockchain and digital technology and applications to help professionals and enterprises adapt to, and benefit from, new technologies.

  • Frequent webinars with blockchain experts.

  • Include your logos with a link to your corporate website.

  • Newsletters, social media: Share news with other members and industry stakeholders.

  • Consultation and technical support for blockchain and other digital technology applications.

  • Symposiums, workshops, academic conferences and exhibitions.

  • Development of enterprise blockchain platforms and software applications to interface with government agencies. 

  • Use the services provided by the association;

  • Participate in the internal meetings and activities of the association;

  • Access relevant information and industry advisory services;



$50 / year




$325 / year




1-2 members:

$325 / person

3-9 members:

$250 / person

10+ members:

$200 / person

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