Member Services

Service-oriented and member-driven, the CBSCA currently provides:


  • A forum for industry cooperation, networking and business development.

  • Education and training in blockchain and digital technology and applications to help professionals and enterprises adapt to and benefit from new technologies.

    • Frequent webinars with Canadian blockchain experts.

  • Vehicles to share information and build brand awareness.

    • CBSCA website: Include your logos with a link to your corporate website.

    • Newsletters, social media: Share news with other members and industry stakeholders.

    • Email broadcasts: Promote your products and services through broadcast messages to the association’s contacts.

  • ​Consultation and technical support for blockchain and other digital technology applications.


Planned Offerings


As the CBSCA grows, plans include adding:

  • Symposiums, academic conferences and exhibitions.

  • Development of enterprise blockchain platforms and software applications to interface with government agencies.

Member Qualification

Organizations and individuals meeting the following requirements may apply for membership:


  1. Companies in a supply chain-related industry including, but not limited to, manufacturing, importing, exporting, distribution, transportation, logistics, freight forwarding, warehousing, procurement, wholesale and retail.

  2. Government agencies related to supply chains, government-supported infrastructures.

  3. Institutions that actively promote the development of blockchain, as well as scientific and technological enterprises and Internet enterprises. 

  4. Technology providers with an interest in logistics or supply chain.

  5. Students and academics.

Rights and Obligations

Members have the right to:


  • Use the services provided by the association;

  • Participate in the internal meetings and activities of the association;

  • Know of and advise on the development of the association;

  • Access relevant information and industry advisory services;

  • Critique the work of the association and recommend changes.


Members are required to:

  • Maintain a high level of professional and ethical conduct in all business operations;

  • Participate in the activities of the association;

  • Pay membership dues on time;

  • Assist and facilitate the activities of the association;

  • Commit to pursue the goals of the association.

The CBSCA commends individuals who actively participate in the association's work and who are achieving outstanding results with blockchain technology. Your input both strengthens the association's voice and value and builds Canada's blockchain capacity.

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