Member Services

By providing comprehensive services to members, we will establish a "service-oriented, member-driven" Association. 

In terms of service, we will start with improving service capability, organize industry meetings and training, focus on brand building to obtain industrial recognition, to improve the cohesion and attraction of the Association.

List of benefits our members can have from CBSCA:

  1. We will create effective communication and collaboration opportunities for enterprise Blockchain platforms and software applications to interface with government agencies.

  2. We will organize industry seminars, symposiums, academic conferences, exhibitions, and so on to build bridges for members to discover business opportunities, achieve business cooperation and exchanges, and create extra value.

  3. Education and training in Blockchain and digital technology and applications. Help  people and enterprises adapt to new trends.

  4. Blockchain technology and other digital technology and applications consultation and technical support.

  5. Member enterprise’s name and logos will be listed on our website. This is a good opportunity to strengthen their brands.

  6. Members can send us their news/event/activity updates, and we broadcast them to all other members through websites, e-mail, bulletins, e-magazines, social media, etc.

  7. Member can send promotion information for advertising.

  8. Utilizing the natural advantages of the Association in terms of network, resources, credit and authority, we can help and promote business collaboration among enterprises and create a win-win situation.

Member Qualification

Companies meeting the following requirements may apply for membership:

  1. Be in a supply chain related industry. Supply chain industry includes but is not limited to the following enterprises: manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, transportation, logistics, freight forwarders, warehousing, procurement, wholesale, retail and so on.

  2. Government agencies related to supply chains. Government supported infrastructures

  3. Institutions that actively promote the development of Blockchain, as well as scientific and technological enterprises and Internet enterprises. 

  4. Technology providers with an interest in logistics or supply chain

  5. Student and Academics

Rights and Obligations

Members have the following rights:

  • Use the services provided by the Association; Participate in the internal meetings and activities of the Association;

  • The right to know and advise on the development of the Associations;

  • Priority of access to relevant information and industry advisory services;

  • The right to criticize, recommend and supervise the work of the Association;

  • The Association commends and rewards individuals who have actively participated in the work of the Association and have made outstanding achievements;


Member’s obligations:

  • Maintain a high level of professional and ethical conduct in all business operations.

  • Participate in the activities of the Association;

  • Payment of dues on time;

  • To assist and facilitate the activities of the Association.

  • Commit to always pursue the goals of the Association.

Our Members and Partners

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