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CBSCA Blockchain Background

Mobilizing your supply chain with Blockchain

Welcome to the 2020 CBSCA Tech-Off

Image by frank mckenna

This competition is an opportunity for the community to come together and tackle important subjects that impact our supply chains. 

Why should supply chain companies participate? 

  • Great way to learn about Blockchain

  • Mobilize Innovation

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Look at technology strategies in a new way

In partnership with

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Not a coder? No problem! Our partners and fellow members DAML and DLT Labs can provide complimentary tools and support to help you with your project. 

We want to do our part in the fight against the current pandemic so our main theme is an exciting one! 


Mobilizing with Blockchain for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Logistics

What's the cost?

Members: FREE!

(Not a member? Join our community here for the low price of CAD $325)


We are opening the competition to the entire supply chain community. Build an internal team or join forces with someone else. 


Supply chains are complex so submit your ideas. We're convinced that you'll have impressive ones. What can you submit? Here are some suggestions:


  • Vaccine Distribution Logistics

  • PPE Supply/Demand Planning


  • Track & Trace

  • Fleet Management

  • Warehousing


  • Retailer Links

  • Demand Planning

  • Supplier Onboarding

  • Transparency/Visibility


  • Procurement

  • Trade Finance

  • Tokenization

  • Invoice Reconciliation

Meet The Judges

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 07.37.26.png

Srikanth (Sri) Challa

  • Srikanth "Sri" Challa

Senior Director

Blockchain Sales Lead



Jeremy Clark

Associate Professor,

Concordia University

NSERC/RCGT/Catallaxy Industrial Research Chair in Blockchain


Dr. Harish Krishnan

  • Dr. Harish Krishnan

Advisory Board Professor

Operations and Logistics

University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business


Ly Nguyen

  • Ly Nguyen

Senior Manager

Canadian Blockchain Capability Lead


Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 07.36.50.png

Jay Patel

  • Jay Patel

Partner Development Manager



Bruce Rodgers

  • Bruce Rodgers

Executive Director, Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA)


The rules

  • Must have 2 components: Blockchain and Supply Chain

  • Will it make it to production?

  • Break down silos - Mobilize

  • Minimum 1 CBSCA member per team

  • Submission must be in English or French

  • Most importantly: Have fun!

  • Complete set of rules can be found on the Registration form

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