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business match-making

To help Canadian enterprises, as well as enterprises from all over the world, recover effectively from the COVID-19 crisis, we are introducing a special program to promote business collaboration among companies in the supply chain sector, including in the IT industry.


Through this program, CBSCA will help supply chain companies find opportunities to develop appropriate business collaborations, including with IT companies to enable updating of their technical systems and to adapt to new technologies, especially with solutions that involve blockchain, AI, cloud computing…and so on.


This program gives priority to Canadian enterprises, but is not limited to Canadian enterprises; it is open to everyone. All supply chain-related companies and all IT companies are welcome to participate.


This is a members-only program, designed to allow the association to provide the best-possible service to our members. All members have free access to the services offered through this program.


If you are seeking options to increase your company’s efficiency or profitability, want help in adopting new technologies, or are a technical company looking for more opportunities to provide your solutions to potential supply chain customers, do not hesitate to join us.

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